Mike Wells Pasco County Property Appraiser
Mike Wells, Pasco County Property Appraiser
The primary mission of the Pasco County Property Appraiser's Office is to fairly and equitably discover, list, and value all real estate and tangible personal property in Pasco County for the purpose of creating the annual ad valorem tax roll in accordance with applicable Florida Statutes and Florida Department of Revenue Substantive Regulations.

Part of that mission involves assisting our public (citizens, cities, independent taxing authorities and county government) in accessing and utilizing the tremendous real estate/economic data base, maps, and other associated information which we continuously maintain and update. This web site was created in an effort to allow the public to access this data at their convenience.

This site will be updated and improved based on the analysis of user requests. If you have a particular need that you feel would also benefit other users, please feel free to make a suggestion to me personally. This project is intended to benefit you, the public. I need to know your thoughts, both good and bad. Together, we can create a concise and thorough internet site easily accessed by all.

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